Wincmder Shellex is a Windows shell extension, which can display your desktop icons in right click context menu once they are organized into folders.


Are you tired of a boring crowded desktop?
Want a tidy desktop?
Use Wincmder Shellex now!



  • Right click a folder to show its contents on desktop.
  • Shift right click for normal context menu.
  • For a menu item, click will open it, right click or shift click will edit it.
  • Hide *.dll, *.pyc, *.pyo and hidden files on the context menu.
  • Extremely lightweight shell extension, the dll file is no more than 20KB.



System Requirements

Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP (x86/x64)

Tip #1:
Shift right click to show the normal menu.

Tip #2:
Right click menu item to edit the file.